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Ron Bower

Hello! My name is Ron Bower, and I'm a photographer from Lake Quivira Kansas. I started practicing photography about the time that digital took over from the older, film-based cameras. My first focus (pun intended), in 1999, was on portraits and family photos. At that time it was more of a hobby, since I was still working in the software development world.

As the years went by, I spent more and more time learning, practicing, and branching out. I have enjoyed trying my hand at new genres. You will see examples of that broadening by browsing this web site. I still love portraits, I enjoy event and action photography, but I have grown to appreciate and be challenged by nature, wildlife, and landscape photo opportunities.

Taking landscapes to the next level, I started doing drone photos in late 2017, shortly after retiring from my software gig. I am fascinated and thrilled by how different, surprising, and beautiful the world looks from the air! With aerial photos, your camera can go nearly anywhere to compose the best angle and perspective. I have spent the last several Februaries on the island of Kauai, and many of the aerial shots on the site are from that incredible paradise for photography.

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me at the address on the contacts page.

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